What are the real advantages of digital factories in the intelligent age?

Under the influence of intelligent manufacturing development tide, making factory in the development of enterprises will be more attentions to the construction of digital factory, set up because it will help to some extent in the production of each link, but the lean and automation level of the manufacturing industry of our country is far behind the advanced countries, so will lead to difficult to implement.It is understood that although the current factory enterprises are actively raising, but still some enterprises do not understand why to build, the following small and medium-sized to give you an analysis of the introduction.


1. Traditional factories: manual statistics are inefficient and inaccurate


The first is the analysis of the status quo, to understand that China’s manufacturing industry is mostly composed of traditional small and medium-sized factory enterprises, and most of them rely on manual equipment production data acquisition.Mobile personnel, scattered data, and the preservation of data has become a major problem.And the key is, the efficiency of manual statistics is relatively low, but also can not guarantee the timeliness and accuracy of data information.


2. Digital factory: equipment networking, data automatic upload and feedback


In digital factories, the Internet of things technology is often used to realize the mutual connection between devices, people and systems, thus eliminating the existence of “information island” to a certain extent, because people and equipment are closely linked through the Internet of things through data.Generally speaking, a factory manager can conduct real-time monitoring of equipment data through mobile terminals and make production decisions based on the data feedback. More importantly, he can analyze the future production plans based on the previous historical data.


3. Traditional factories: frequent equipment downtime, resulting in a large number of losses


In addition to data management issues, one of the key issues is unexpected downtime in production.We should know that unexpected shutdown will not only lead to the stagnation of production schedule, but also cause hidden damage to equipment, thus laying a hidden danger for future equipment production.So what to do about it?


Generally speaking, in order to prevent the development of this kind of situation, the factory will arrange 24 hours shift inspection, but although such operations can play a role, is very waste of human cost, but also does not guarantee the reliability of the inspection, after all the checking form according to the manual or cause some equipment foibles are neglected, which may be a little “fault” will cause the loss of millions in factory production.


4. Digital factory: warning notice of unexpected shutdown of equipment to keep the equipment in the best running state at all times


Through the introduction above, I believe that factory enterprises have been clear about the shortcomings of manual operation, so now the construction of digital factory is the most important thing for development.Due to the construction of the digital factory, will make the whole plant production equipment will be monitored, not only can real-time data collection, analysis, also occur in the case of unplanned downtime for early warning, because it will be through the change of each parameter for the analysis of the relevant and timely send information to the factory managers, helped by the execution of the decision, to ensure that plant production process in the best running state.


To sum up, enterprises in the equipment data information should be in the factory can be said to be the key elements in the process of production, but also through for testing data and information, to work out solutions of the equipment failure, this loss to a minimum, believe that is the establishment of a digital factory “original intention”, through it will also help in the factory, small and medium enterprises realize made “smart”.

Post time: Jul-30-2019
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