Small details to create hardware tools, efficient promotion of engineering quality

When fully automated production lines need to move parts, when warehouses need to transport products, when equipment units need to move cables back and forth…How can ability reduce article wear and tear at the same time in province effort?Many industries choose to use the “drag chain” tool.

Every big project is made of small parts. As one of the convenient and simple core tools on the assembly line, the towing chain makes a great difference in material and model.Fengling as a hardware industry within the power of players, in its main drag chain is quite a discourse.

Selection of raw materials, fundamentally ensure the quality

There are several kinds of raw materials for the chain, and fengling has developed different kinds of products for users with different needs.While producing steel towing chains, fengling also develops “nylon plastic towing chains” for some users.No matter what material products, fengling will try to control the price to the lowest.Compared with the steel material, the cost of nylon is obviously lower, in raw materials for users to save a considerable part of the cost;On the other hand, plastic is obviously lighter than steel, and easier to install and move, greatly realizing the user’s demand of “labor saving”.

Considering that the chain needs to be continuously rolled to achieve the purpose of transporting goods, fengling is also extremely concerned about the abrasion resistance of the chain.Through the comparison and selection of a large number of raw materials, fengling groped out a comprehensive utility report on the hardware market, and selected various materials with excellent performance for the users, thus ensuring the quality of the products from the source.

It’s meticulous, every curve is just right

The chain is able to transport materials smoothly because every joint and every small part of the chain has been carefully measured.The flexibility and inclination of the chain are very important, so fengling’s chain also pays special attention to this.

Each user purchases the chain for different purposes, so there are different requirements for product specifications.In order to cater to every user with different needs, the dragline of fengling divides the products into various series by precise measurement, and clearly distinguishes the inner diameter, outer diameter and bending radius of the products, so that the intended buyers can find the products they really need quickly and timely.

Small as a sparrow is, it has all its internal organs.Although the tow chain is the most basic tool in many projects, it plays an irreplaceable role in a large number of times.Fengling drag chain has no unique design, but it is more careful than ordinary brands and more able to let users feel the temperature, which also echoes fengling’s own brand vision: create hardware tools with small details and promote engineering quality with high efficiency.

Post time: Jun-19-2019
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